Peru is a country in South America that has a lot to offer in terms of history, culture, and natural beauty.

Travel to Peru

Peru has a lot to see and do, from the well-known Machu Picchu to the busy capital city of Lima. In this piece, we’ll talk about the best time to go, where to stay, what to see and do, the best places to visit, shopping and nightlife, food and drinks, getting around, and passport and visa requirements.

The Best Time to Go To Peru

The best time to go to Peru is from May to September, which is the dry season. This is the busiest time for tourists, so places like Machu Picchu will be full of people. But the weather is nice and it rarely rains at this time.

If you want to dodge crowds, you might want to go in April or October, which are the low seasons. From November to March is the rainy season, but if you don’t mind the odd rain shower, this is also a good time to come.

Where to Stay in Peru

There are many different places to stay in Peru, from cheap hostels to high-end hotels. In Lima, you might want to stay in the trendy Miraflores neighborhood or the ancient Barranco area. In Cusco, you should stay in the city center near the Plaza de Armas or in the area of San Blas. There are a number of restaurants in the town of Aguas Calientes, which is close to Machu Picchu.

Where to go and what to do

Machu Picchu, an old Incan city, is one of the best things to see in Peru.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a place that a lot of tourists want to see. The Nazca Lines, Lake Titicaca, the Amazon Rainforest, and the Colca Canyon are also famous places to visit. If you like learning about history, you should go to Cusco, which was once the capital of the Incan Empire.

Top Places to See

The capital of Peru is Lima, which is a great place to start your trip. Visit the old area, go to museums, and try some wonderful Peruvian food.

Lima, Peru

Another famous place to visit is Cusco, which has well-preserved Incan buildings and is close to Machu Picchu. Arequipa, Trujillo, and Iquitos are some other towns worth seeing.

Shopping and Fun at Night

Peru is known for its handmade goods, such as fabrics, pottery, and jewelry.

Peru Market

You can buy these things in fairs and shops all over the country, but the most famous places to do so are in Lima and Cusco. As for entertainment, Lima has a lot of bars, clubs, and restaurants to choose from. The Plaza de Armas and the streets near it are where most of the nightlife in Cusco takes place.

Foods and beverages

Peruvian food is thought to be one of the best in South America. It has effects on the native people, Spain, and Asia. Must-try foods include ceviche, lomo saltado, and ají de gallina. Peru is also known for its pisco, a grape brandy used to make the pisco sour, the country’s national drink.

How to Get Around

Buses are the most common way to get around Peru. There are many bus companies across the country, and they offer different levels of comfort and prices. If you don’t have much time, you might want to take a local trip. LATAM is the main airline in Peru, but there are also smaller companies that fly within the country.

Passport and Visa Requirements

Most people who are going to Peru for less than 90 days do not need a visa. But you will need a legal visa and proof that you are going somewhere else. Checking the latest entry standards is always a good idea before a trip.